“Crystal Chip Collector e” launches on December 7th

A Fast-Paced, Neo-Retro Puzzle Platforming Adventure about an “ancient spirit” cat that fixes PCs!

RAWRLAB Games is excited to announce that “Crystal Chip Collector e”: a frenetic platforming puzzle game that combines high-speed action with a quirky storyline. It will be released digitally on December 7th on Nintendo Switch, priced at $4.99 but with a special 20% discount during the first week of its launch.


Nintendo Switch link: https://rawrlab.com/nlink/crystalchip

Game description
Richard, a gamer boy fond of shooting games, receives terrible news: his favorite game has undergone an overhaul patch, causing his PC to “lag”.

However, Richard is a very clever child and knows that every problem has a solution somewhere on internet. He sought help from an artificial intelligence and managed to summon two ancient gods to optimize his PC: an ancient deity whom Richard mistakes for someone named “Install Wizard” and a sort of yellow cat with a very large head.

Can these unusual beings improve the performance of his PC so that he can continue playing without lag at 300FPS, 4K, and with high-definition textures?

“Crystal Chip Collector e” is a fast-paced platforming game with a neo-retro style in which the player must collect lots of microchips at high speed to complete each level before time runs out. Initially, it may seem simple, but later on, finding the fastest route becomes necessary to keep progressing.

– 60 levels spread across 6 worlds.
– Story mode: Will Richard get a more powerful PC? Will the spirits shun him?
– Practice mode: Train here if any level proves challenging.
– Speedrun mode: Beat each world in the shortest time possible.

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