Announcement of a free Godot™ engine port for Nintendo Switch™

We are pleased to announce the availability of a free Godot Engine port for authorised Nintendo Switch developers, supporting projects made with versions 3.5.x and 4.1.x.

This port represents a collaborative effort, co-authored by multiple members of the forums on the Nintendo Developer Portal. It underscores our commitment to make Godot Engine more accessible to a wider range of creators.

Key features of this Godot Engine port:
· Complimentary access: Available at no cost to all authorised Nintendo Switch developers.
· License: The source code is distributed under the MIT License, offering broad usage and modification rights.
· Software provisioning: The software is provided "as is," without any implied warranty or support of any kind.
· Basic functionality included: This port includes only basic functionality.
· No C# or GDNative/GDExtension: Only GDScript is supported. Native extensions are not supported, but you can try to convert them into internal modules.
· Optimization Level: It is important to note that the port is not highly optimized but is adequately efficient for most small to mid-sized game projects.
· Expandability: Having access to the source code, developers with C++ knowledge have the opportunity to add and integrate additional functionalities as needed.
· No support provided: This port is provided without support. Developers are encouraged to engage with the community on the Nintendo Developer Portal for collaboration and assistance. We recommend partnering with porting companies for medium or large-sized projects.
· Access Procedure: Access can be requested through the Nintendo Developer Portal.

Additional details are available for authorised Nintendo Switch developers in the forum section of the Nintendo Developer Portal.

Now there’s no excuse not to use Godot Engine for making indie games for Nintendo Switch!

We look forward to the innovative and engaging games that will come from the Godot Engine development community.

[Update 01-Feb-2024] Keep scrolling down for a quick FAQ!

Some games using this port


· Did RAWRLAB Games create this port?
No. As it was stated in the announcement, this port is “co-authored by multiple members of the forums on the Nintendo Developer Portal”. We are just one of its contributors.

· I am not a Nintendo authorised developer. How can I download it?
As it was stated in the announcement, this port is only available to Nintendo Switch authorised developers.

· Is it an official port maintained by Godot Foundation?

· Will this ruin porting houses?
Quoting Juan Linietsky: “Not really, it’s really nice this exists because it allows small indies to tinker with Godot on the platform. W4 ports are more complex and meant for actual studios.”. We agree with him.

· · Does this port mean I won’t need help from a porting company?
Well, not exactly. This port just solves one piece of a 10-piece puzzle. Porting a game to a gaming console requires a lot of work and knowledge about the platform to optimize it and comply with its requirements.

· I have some concerns about this port and liability. Will I be in legal trouble if I use this port to release a game on Nintendo Switch?
We don’t think so, but in doubt please ask your lawyer.

· What does “basic functionality” mean? Does this port support X feature?
It’s hard to say, but have a look at the games that were already released. “Those games work well”, that’s what we can say.

· Will this port ever include X feature? Will it support future versions of Godot?
Who knows. But every time a game is published with this port it grows a bit, thanks to every contribution.

· How can this port be MIT licensed if it can’t be distributed out of the Nintendo Developer portal?
This port is licensed under the MIT License, which is known for being highly permissive. This means it allows for free redistribution, but does not require it. Access to this port is exclusive to developers authorised by Nintendo, available through the Nintendo Developer Portal. Therefore, due to the terms of their agreement with Nintendo, developers are not permitted to disclose this port without Nintendo's prior authorization.

· Could it be distributed publicly if the SDK function names are replaced with hashes?
It might be feasible, but it’s in the grey area.

· Will there maybe also be a PS and XBOX port?
I don’t know, but I hope so. UWP was good enough for porting small games to Xbox, but it has been deprecated.

· How can I donate/contribute to this port?
You can donate here:

· No, seriously, how can I repay you and the other contributors?
If you ever use this port, you will probably add a missing feature or fix a bug or two. That will be your contribution!

Get in touch to add yours! hey <@>

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