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RAWRLAB Games is a studio founded by Pablo Navarro (@panreyes) with the help of multiple contributors from all around the world.

We are fans of retro, pixel-art, chiptune music and arcade games.

We recently developed and published #SpyBros., remake of TOAPLAN™'s Pipi&Bibi's, and ported #DonutDodo and #Murtop, both Godot engine arcade games, to Nintendo Switch™.

Are you developing an arcade game in Godot Engine and need help to port it to Nintendo Switch™? Feel free to get in touch! 🙌


We mostly port small games, but sometimes we also publish some.

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24 July 2023

How to play your Godot 3.x game on your Xbox!

A few years ago, I read in the news that Microsoft stopped allowing games in […]

29 May 2023

Constellations biased review: Screen lock patterns 2077

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:I am involved with the development of this game. Therefore, there is a possibility […]

15 May 2023

Murtop biased review: A cruel female bunny named Murti

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I am involved with the development of this game. Therefore, there is a […]

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